24/12/2013 08:46 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Watch: Mini-Queen's Christmas Speech - By Toddlers, For Toddlers!

A cute and funny alternative Queen's Speech has been created especially for toddlers. Well, why should they miss out on one of the, er, highlights of the year!

It will be broadcast at the same time as the Queen's Speech and will be delivered by mini monarch Grace Dawkins.

The Christmas broadcast , which has been created by baby and toddler food brand Ella's Kitchen, also contains a selection of special messages and highlights from the company's Facebook and Twitter community, celebrating the achievements and tiny triumphs made by little ones across the country.

Paul Lindley, Ella's Kitchen founder, said: "Christmas is a very exciting time for little ones and we wanted to make it even more memorable by taking a much loved Christmas tradition and giving it a twist.

"We hope little ones across the country - maybe even baby Prince George - enjoy watching our mini Queen's Christmas speech and who knows, maybe it will even become an annual occurrence!"

You can watch the mini Queen's Christmas speech when it airs on the Ella's Kitchen Facebook page at 3pm on Christmas Day):