It's Official: New Year's Eve Is Over-Hyped And Too Expensive, As More Choose To Stay At Home

Barbara Peacock via Getty Images

"What are you doing for New Year's Eve" is the question that inspires dread among some of us, as we push and pull between the expectation of needing to have The Best Night Ever and really, just wanting to flop in front of the TV before work begins again.

A new survey by has revealed increasingly, more of us are wanting to stay in. A third of us feel stressed out at the thought of planning the perfect party so soon after Christmas, while 44% of us wake up on New Year's day feeling disappointed and gutted at spending so much money.

This year, just one in nine Brits will be going out, with one in 12 choosing a house party over a crowded pub or bar. A third (31%) are planning to have a quiet night in and a takeaway with their partner, while 14% will be organising a small soiree at home with a few friends.

For one in 11 (9%), the celebrations are usually such an anticlimax they plan to be asleep before the bells chime midnight this year.

We asked our Facebook fans for a straw poll of whether they were going out or not, this is what they had to say:

So tell us, what are you doing on the most over-hyped greatest night of the year?