Mum's Bizarre Addiction To Drinking PAINT

Mum's Bizarre Addiction To Drinking PAINT

A mum-of-two has revealed she is addicted to drinking PAINT – because it feels like a thicker version of warm milk.

Heather Beal, 43, from Alabama. US, said she has drunk around three gallons since she first got hooked three years ago. She made her bizarre revelations in the new series of My Strange Addiction on the TLC channel.

She said: "As it's going down your throat it feels very nice and warm, almost like a thicker version of warm milk.

"But obviously, it's got that very strong chemical taste, which is perfect to me."

She buys the paint in the form of small samplers from a local DIY store. When she gets home, she prises the cap off and guzzles the contents.

She said: "I drink paint from markers because I have looked for other paint both in quart or gallon form, and I haven't found one that satisfies my desire."

Her bizarre habit began after her mother died, but until now no one had seen her drink paint - especially not her children.

Is she putting herself in danger? Well, yes. For later in the episode, Heather visited a doctor to be told she had damaged her kidneys. Now she has vowed to kick her addiction.


Most inhalants depress the central nervous system in a similar way to alcohol, but inhalant abuse can also cause relaxation, euphoria, slurred speech, hallucinations, drowsiness, dizziness, nausea and vomiting.

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration, users of inhalants may lose the ability to walk, talk or think.

Other noticeable signs in people using inhalants include nosebleeds, runny nose, reddened eyes - and sudden violent behaviour may result because of the effect inhalants have on the brain.