07/01/2014 11:55 GMT | Updated 25/01/2014 16:01 GMT

'Celebrity Big Brother' Favourite Is Ollie Locke, According To Twitter Analysis

After last Friday’s exhilarating, handcuffing kick-off show 'Celebrity Big Brother' is back in action and on our screens once more. According to data taken from Virgin Media’s The Hotlist, there were more than 193,000 tweets over the opening four days of the new series which is higher than August’s series that kicked off with 186,841 tweets over the same period.

Over the last four days Twitter has declared its heroes and villains of the series so far with Evander Holyfield proving to be the most disliked following his recent outbursts resulting in -9.18% negative sentiment.

Ollie's camaraderie with Lionel and his all-round manner have won him fresh fans in the CBB house

On the other hand 'Made In Chelsea’s Ollie Locke is winning the nation’s affections with 26% positive sentiment; receiving numerous comments about him being the best looking contestant. The 'Made In Chelsea' fans are obviously out in force!

Interestingly, the truth or dare scene from last night didn’t have the effect Luisa Zissman or Jasmine Waltz were looking for. Viewers branded them as fame-hungry and trying too hard, resulting in both earning a spot on the most hated list.

For a full top 5 most loved and top 5 most hated contestants please see below.

Top 5

1. Ollie (26.04% - 6,013 total mentions)

Ollie has by far the highest positivity of all contestants. Almost half of the mentions on Friday night used the word 'love' to describe the arrival of Ollie in the Big Brother house

2. Linda (9.74% - 1,971 total mentions)

Linda has the fewest mentions of all contestants, but is second in terms of positivity. Handcuffing her with Jim was well received by viewers who considered the scenes brilliant, funny and great banter. She is also considered very much down to earth.

3. Casey (6.85% - 3,298 total mentions)

Casey's "blossoming relationship" with Lee is considered very cute by more than 5% of all her mentions making her the third most liked person in the house so far.

4. Lee (6.02% - 8,821 total mentions)

Lee is benefitting from the same positivity Casey is receiving as they make a good couple and their kiss was one of the early highlights. In addition to that his comments on badgers were also well received.

5. Lionel (5.59% - 5,471 total mentions)

Viewers are currently enjoying Lionel's bromance with Ollie and he has also received popular backing from Sam's sister Billie.

Bottom 5

1. Evander (-9.18% - 7,351 total mentions)

Perhaps unsurprisingly Evander Holyfield has received the highest negativity amongst all contestants following his outbursts.

2. Luisa (-7.99% - 5,170 total mentions)

Outside Evander, Luisa Zissmann is stirring the highest controversy. Viewers didn't take too kindly to her kissing with Jasmine, many were describing both as desperate to win. The TOWIE camp is at it as well once more and Jess Wright comments on Luisa's language. Even Katie Hopkins outs herself as a viewer and following Luisa's comments about sex, she made a more memorable quote saying "Luisa has just been kicked out of Mumsnet".

3. Jasmine (-6.01% - 9,261 total mentions)

Jasmine contributed greatly to the negativity surrounding her and Luisa through the use of foul language and bad role-modelling. As a result more than 200 tweets label her annoying.

4. Liz (-5.54% - 6,259 total mentions)

It became apparent quickly that Liz doesn't get on with anyone as her moments with other contestants are always described as 'awkward' Consequently, viewers presume she doesn't enjoy it or even want to enjoy it.

5. Jim (-1.98% - 5,350 total mentions)

Jim’s impression on viewers has lifted following his pairing with Linda with people commenting that they were a great team, but this isn’t quite enough to dispel people’s overall dislike with him being often referred to as 'horrible'.

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