Dumbest Craze Ever? Teens Deliberately Burn Themselves In 'Aerosol Challenge'

Dumbest Craze Ever? Teens Deliberately Burn Themselves In 'Aerosol Challenge'

Would you deliberately BURN yourself – for a laugh? Then the likelihood is that you're not a teenager.

For that's the latest craze amongst the more daring/reckless/stupid (delete accordingly) of the species.

The challenge is to spray deodorant aerosol as close to your skin as possible, until it literally burns off and leaves a horrendous, weeping wound. Oh what fun!

And despite the agony, the teens who have taken part in the 'aerosol challenge' and posted their ordeal on YouTube appear to get a kick from the pain. A case of no pain, no brains?

But a spokesman from the British Skin Foundation said the craze could be both 'painful and damaging'.

He said: "We would never encourage the use of any aerosol product in close proximity to the skin for a prolonged period.

"These products should be used appropriately and responsibly as extended use can lead to the freezing action producing a cryogenic burn.

"Short term this is both painful and damaging but prolonged exposure could lead to permanent damage or disfigurement."

Young people from around the world have been taking part in the challenge, which can cause severe scarring.

In one particularly graphic film South American prank group La Fenix spray each other with the aerosols - creating horrendous red blisters on the surface of the skin.

It follows warnings from doctors last year over the similar 'salt and ice challenge' - which saw teenagers compete over skin burns caused by the two items.

They voiced concern over the number of teenagers injuring themselves while taking part in a dangerous craze that involved them burning themselves by holding a piece of ice to a layer of salt on their skin.

In extreme cases the 'game,' called the 'salt and ice challenge,' could cause permanent damage to muscles and bones.

Some teenagers in the US were reportedly turning up to hospital with first degree burns after taking part in challenge.