QUIZ: Can You Guess What These 7 CES Gadgets Actually Do?

QUIZ: Can You Guess What These CES Gadgets Actually Do?

As we have already found, not everything released at CES this week is, well, any good. In fact quite a lot of it is pretty useless.

To prove it, we've collected 7 gadgets from around the tech show in Las Vegas with outwardly obscure functions.

Take a look and see if you can guess what these devices are actually meant to do. Answers at the end, no cheating.

1: What is the above colourful object meant to be?

a. A robotic musical instrument

b. A children's toy

c. A 'cheerful' WiFi router.

d. An intimate massager.

2: What is this?

a. An underwater CCTV device

b. A high-tech fire alarm.

c. An Android games console.

d. A wearable 'life logger'

3. Can you tell what this is?

a. A solar-powered computer

b. A solar-powered 3G hotspot

c. A solar-powered games console

d. A solar-powered movie projector

4. Do you know what these little fellows are meant to be?

a. Portable speakers

b. Robotic insects

c. Weather stations

d. Massagers

5. This is obviously a robot, but what is it for?

a. Emergency response

b. Food delivery

c. Riding a unicycle

d. Educating schoolchildren

6. What is this?

a. A prototype three-point-screen manipulator?

b. A prototype four-point-screen manipulator?

c. A prototype five-point-screen manipulator?

d. A prototype six-point-screen manipulator?

7. Last one, what's this for?

a. monitoring objects in the home

b. secretly recording video

c. scaring the kids

d. nothing, it just looks nice

ANSWERS: 1)B 2)D 3)B 4)A 5)C 6)B 7)A


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