Peaches Geldof Posts Selfies After A Long Night With Ill Baby Phaedra

Peaches Geldof Posts Selfies After A Long Night With Ill Baby Phaedra

All parents know that having an ill baby can take its toll on your sanity - just ask Peaches Geldof.

In a series of intimate selfies posted on Twitter, the 24-year-old looks worn out as she poses with her boys, eight-month-old Phaedra and Astala, 20 months.

And in an accompanying video, she explains why she looks rather tired – because little Phaedra (whose nickname is Wid Wid) has a cold.

"Phaedra fell asleep for one hour earlier at 7 and has been up since then!! I am going insane here," the mum, who famously co-sleeps with her children, wrote. "

Yes, we all know that feeling!

And she added: "We are in the dark on the bed with him crawling round all over my face breathing on me with his blocked nose and throat breath! This is what it sounds"

In one photograph, Peaches' youngest son - whose full name is Phaedra Bloom Forever Cohen – is seen smiling and crawling through a play tunnel.

But despite the smiles, Peaches expressed concern about his health, writing: "Still smiling even though he really is so sick. Has snot pooling in his chest and cannot breathe sometimes! Poor mite. Shall I take him to the dr??"

In another photo Astala – full name Astala Dylan Willow Geldof-Cohen (nickname: Narny) is shown sitting in fallen leaves, wearing his Christmas pyjamas and a furry gilet, while sporting what looks like a Christmas cracker crown!

And in another, Peaches has managed to find the effort to put on some lippy and mascara to pose for a beautiful portrait with naked Phaedy, captioned: "Me and the sickest wid wid." .

Peaches famously clashed with rent-a-gob Katie Hopkins talking about attachment parenting on This Morning.

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