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'Celebrity Big Brother' Review - Thursday's Show Sees Lee Ryan, Casey Batchelor At War Over Jasmine Waltz

'Celebrity Big Brother's love triangle fell apart last night, as Casey Batchelor realised the extent to which Blue singer Lee Ryan had been sharing his affections between Jasmine Waltz and herself.

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Casey suddenly got wise to Lee's shared affections

In what turned out to be a fake eviction, Lee and Casey found themselves in the Big Brother Bolt Hole (as the announcer kept saying). This was with particularly awkward timing, as Casey had, only minutes before, had a frank discussion with Jasmine, when both girls compared notes and discovered just how much they had in common when it came to Lee and his protestations of affection.

And then it got worse, as Casey and Lee were both given headphones so they could hear what everyone else in the house had to say about it all, in their absence.

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Lee and Casey weren't finding things comfortable in the Bolt Hole

When Casey overheard Jasmine telling Sam Faiers just how affectionate Lee had been with her, she let rip at Lee Ryan, accusing him of a lack of respect, that he couldn't treat Jasmine like this just one day after they'd cuddled up in bed together, and so on.

Lee Ryan was having none of it. "You and me weren't together," he pointed out to Casey. "I was misguided with my feelings with you. We was chained together; I had a laugh whatever we had."

Fair point, but even so...

"Don’t shove it in my face with someone else," said Casey. "You said you liked me and wanted to see how it went on the outside."

Fair point.

"You're making a drama out of it,acting like a 12-year-old," Lee further accused Casey. "We're not boyfriend or girlfriend. It winds me up. Are you 12? This ain’t real."

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Lee was overcome, but were these crocodile tears?

Lee was mostly indignant, but his fury soon turned to tears as he later heard Jasmine telling Luisa that he'd "f***ed it up".

Casey seemed to get over events by the time the show ended, telling Big Brother in the Diary Room, "I think we'll be friends for ever, we get on so amazingly well. I did like him, but hey ho."

Meanwhile, five other housemates face the real prospect of eviction tonight - Jim Davidson, Luisa Zissmann, Evander Holyfield, Liz Jones and Jasmine Waltz.

And, elsewhere in the house, could another romance be brewing? Click here for details...

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