10/01/2014 02:34 GMT | Updated 25/01/2014 16:01 GMT

Joey Essex Rushed To Hospital After Being Bitten By A Monkey

Joey Essex may have survived three weeks in the jungle unscathed, but a recent trip to South Africa saw him rushed to hospital after being bitten by a monkey.

The 'I'm A Celebrity' star feared he had caught rabies after being nipped while he filmed a new TV show about the primates.

joey essex

Joey Essex

Before heading to the Ugandan jungle in search of wild monkeys for the ITV2 show, producers took him to a flea market in Johannesburg to meet a domesticated monkey. However, it seemed to take a dislike to Joey.

A source told The Sun: "Joey was so excited as he loves monkeys — but Milo immediately bit him.

"Despite having his jabs, Joey freaked out saying he was going to catch rabies. He saw a doctor and everything was fine."

Joey has also shared a picture of his South African adventures, showing him sitting on the edge of terrifyingly high cliff.

Posting it on Twitter, he wrote: "Good morning Africa."

Joey's new show - which has yet to be given a name - is set to air on ITV2 in the spring.

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