11/01/2014 15:33 GMT | Updated 23/01/2014 18:56 GMT

'The Voice' Review - Kylie Minogue Debuts New Role Alongside Ricky Wilson, Will.i.am, Sir Tom Jones

When 'The Voice' burst back onto British screens this weekend, there were two new faces in town, but all eyes were on Miss Kylie Minogue.

Resident coaches Will.i.am and Sir Tom Jones were joined by this season's new recruits, Kylie and Kaiser Chief Ricky Wilson.

The pop princess took her seat in her specially-modified chair, with its distinctive step to accommodate the diminutive diva, and she took to the show like a duck to water.

Kylie was clearly enjoying herself on 'The Voice'

Her distinctive brand of girl power was in evidence as she charmed the contestants she wanted, telling them she could bring a girl's perspective. Even those she didn't, she said they were welcome to drop by her dressing room for some girl-chat.

There seemed to be a special warmth between the judges this time around, in this debut episode at least, led by Kylie, persuading Sir Tom 'go, Tom, go' when he needed a little nudge to spin.

Ricky Wilson was holding his heart on his sleeve for one young voice, spinning around before Anna McLuckie had even got to the end of the first line, and then barely keeping his eyes dry when she opted to go with Will over him.

Ricky Wilson was wearing his heart on his sleeve for some of the contestants

But the biggest praise of the night came from Kylie, who could barely contain her delight when one of her chosen voices turned out to be "the full package" - in the form of former Streets singer Leo Ihenacho, aka Leo the Lion.

As the other coaches tried to recruit Leo, Kylie had to hide behind her chair "to compose herself" before she could speak to him. Unsurprisingly, despite Ricky Wilson's overtures, a delighted Leo opted to go with Kylie. As he explained, "You'll have to excuse me, but I've fancied Charlene since I was this high."

But Kylie wasn't the only one getting the love. Welsh contestant Tara Lewis didn't get through, but still considered it the night of her life, because she'd got to hug her hero, Tom Jones.

With this kind of warmth, mutual support and humour between coaches and contestants, there seems a lot about The Voice to enjoy this series.

But is there a winner in the voices you've heard so far? Let us know...