14/01/2014 02:25 GMT | Updated 07/08/2019 09:28 BST

'Celebrity Big Brother' Star Lee Ryan Says He Sleeps With His Blue Bandmate Duncan James 'All The Time'

After his revelation last week that he has had gay experiences, 'Celebrity Big Brother' star Lee Ryan has now admitted he sleeps with his Blue bandmate, Duncan James, 'all the time'.

The 30-year-old singer told housemates Jasmine Waltz and Luisa Zissman that he has a close relationship with bisexual Duncan.

Lee Ryan

He said: “I work with Duncan, I go on holiday with Duncan, I live with Duncan.” Asked: “Do you have sex with Duncan?”, he replied: “Yeah all the time.”

And one person who Lee's revelation came as surprise to was his mum, Sheila, who says she had no idea he is/was bisexual.

“I had no idea that Lee was bisexual," she told heat. "But I think it’s fantastic that young people talking about their sexuality can be celebrated without fear of repercussions.

“Personally, I think he’s definitely more of a ladies’ man, but as a mummy I would support him in any choice he made in life,” she added.

Meanwhile, 'Apprentice' runner-up Luisa revealed she also has a soft spot for Blue star Duncan.

Duncan James

Luisa was with Lee and Jasmine in the 'CBB' bedroom when she said: “Duncan is so fit.”

“He’s gay,” Lee responded, about his bisexual pal, before Luisa continued: “But is he? He’s so attractive."

She then asked if Duncan had had any work done on his face: “But has he had his cheeks done, Lee? He’s so chiselled, so attractive.”

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