14/01/2014 20:46 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Dad Colours In His Kids' Sketches

Come on, admit it, how often have you praised your child's sketches and then a week later, discreetly thrown them in the bin? OK, never. Just me, then.

But if you are as guilty as Yours Truly, you're missing a trick – for you could be turning your child's hasty etchings into works of art.

That's what a dad who goes under the name of Tatsputin on Reddit did. And look at the marvellous results.

The dad said he travels a long distance to work every month, but always takes some of his kids' drawings with him and affectionately colours them in while away from home.

He then hands the pictures back to his children when he gets home from work.

It was his wife who convinced him to share the photos online.

The American dad's young collaborators bring all of the imagination to the table, but they are also his harshest critics.

Tatsputin said he once got into trouble with his five-year-old daughter for choosing the wrong colour.

He wrote: "Apparently she wasn't supposed to have a red shirt. I had to claim artistic licence with my contribution and that was that."

He hinted online that there are plenty more to come.