14/01/2014 14:29 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Doctors Baffled At Sudden Death Of Healthy Six-Year-Old Who Seemed To Have A Cold

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Doctors are baffled about why a healthy six-year-old girl suddenly died after developing what appeared to be a cold.

Lily Channon became unwell after going to a friend's birthday party.

Her parents, Mark, 50, and mum Kelly Mullett, 40, noticed she had become quiet and kept her off school for a couple of days, believing she had a cold.

Kelly said that on the Wednesday her daughter said she was feeling cold so she ran a bath for her.

"She said the water felt nice and warm," said Kelly. "When we got her out she was sick and then Mark couldn"t feel her pulse."

Concerned, Mark and Kelly called paramedics, who took Lily to hospital near their home in Gosport, Hampshire.

Although doctors did all they could, Lily died. Yesterday, Lily's parents said a final goodbye at their daughter's funeral.

Two post mortems have been carried out, but results have been inconclusive.

Mark, 50, told his local newspaper: "Lily was a well-loved, popular and a helpful individual.

"I never expected she would go before us.

"I really miss her like crazy and it drives me nuts and it's cutting me up that her death is so vague.

"I can't understand why this has happened.

"It is a void in my heart that has broken me."

Unimaginable to lose your child in such a strange way.