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Michelle Heaton Reveals Pregnancy Has Negative Effect On Her Sex Life!

Michelle Heaton reveals how pregnancy has wrecked her sex life!PA

Mum-to-be Michelle Heaton has opened up to a magazine about how her pregnancy has ruined her sex life - despite her husband enjoying her 'sexy' new body!

TV personality Michelle, 32, who announced her happy news back in July, has been speaking to New! magazine about how husband Hugh, 32, has been quite 'giddy' and excited by his wife's changing shape. Michelle says that he 'loves' her increased bust, which has gone up a massive two sizes already.

But despite her new buxom shape, the couple aren't getting much sex, it seems.

No-holds barred Michelle explained in perhaps too much detail: "Because it's our first, I think we get a bit scared – what if it hits it [laughs]!" she says, but adds "We're closer than ever, though."

Michelle says the couple had only been trying to conceive 'properly' for a month before falling pregnant.

She had been taking regular pregnancy tests because of erratic periods, but was disappointed when the latest one proved negative. However, a couple of days later, she says she looked in the mirror and noticed something different about her boobs!

"Because I'd lost so much weight they were like golf balls in socks," she says, "Then, suddenly, they were bigger!"

When Hugh also said there was 'something different' about them Michelle took a test - but having got what she calls the 'faintest line ever' went to the docs to have the result confirmed.

"He did all the tests," she explains, "They were worried I was miscarrying because I had some bleeding and my HGC levels were very low."

But happily for Michelle and Hugh, her doctors confirmed her pregnancy a week later and sent her for a scan, where they saw a 'heartbeat straightaway'.

She said that moment really made their news sink in, and from there on, everything has 'been great' with the pregnancy - even if she has put on a stone and is at the 'transitional' stage where her clothes are too tight, but maternity clothes are too big!

Delighted Michelle goes on to say how she and Hugh can't wait to be parents - with Hugh being 'crazy excited' at the prospect!

"He's so proud and happy and can't wait. He's giddy!" she gushes.

Aw, lovely!?

Read the full story in this week's new! magazine - out today

Did your sex life suffer when you were pregnant?