Power Pillow: Comfy Gadget Has A Built-In iPad Charger. But Is It Any Good?

Is This The World's Most Pointless Pillow?

Presumably aimed at those with a dearth of bedroom plug sockets and a penchant for resting their heads on hard, inflexible surfaces, a pair of inventors have created this:

It's called the Power Pillow and comes with a 12000mAh lithium-polymer batteries or you can pay for two so you can charge one while another is in use.

The project is currently being marketed on Kickstarter and, to be fair, would probably be quite useful for frequent travellers - if it wasn't too bulky to carry everywhere.

They're also very expensive. Each pillow costs £48 or £76 for two batteries.

Basically, you'd be better off buying a 12000mAh lithium-polymer battery for the bargain price of £25.99 and carrying it with you.

The pillow is available in six garish designs, each one unlikely to match your current decor.


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