Giant 3D 'Pin Art' Wall At Sochi Winter Olympics Will Display Publics Faces In Epic Style

'The Digital Mount Rushmore'

Breathtaking athletic feats and dubious human rights issues won't be the only stars of the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics.

A giant Pin Art toy on the side of one of the site's pavilions will display 3D versions of visitor's faces, morphing from one to the other.

The project is sponsored by Russian mobile phone firm MegaFon and photo booths will be set in its stores across Russia to take photos of people's faces.

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The 3D image will be created from five different photos, each one taken from a different angle.

The giant display is made up of over 10,000 actuators that slide in and out to make up the image.

The faces will be lit up at night.

Designer, Asif Khan, said: "Even in the digital age we still use emoticons when texting to show how we feel.

"The concept is that the human face is still the strongest way of conveying emotion.

"He continued that he wants everyone to be given the ‘opportunity to be the face of the Olympics."

The Sochi Winter Olympics will start on the 7 February and will run until the 23rd.

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