Tom Daley's 'Splash!' Stars Ordered Not To Wear Bikinis (PICTURES)

'Splash!' Gets Bikini Ban

'Splash!' contestants have been ordered to steer clear of bikinis by the show's producers - to prevent a repeat of the mishaps of last year's show.

The second series of the ITV diving contest has returned, with Tory MP Penny Mordaunt set to hurtle off the board this weekend.

Changing Rooms star Linda Barker and TV presenter Charlotte Jackson both suffered bikini slips after diving off the platform on Tom Daley's show last year.

Tory MP Penny Mordaunt

None of this year's celebrities have worn bikinis so far and Ms Mordaunt, 40, insisted that she would not be wearing a skimpy outfit when it comes to her turn in the TV spotlight.

Asked what she will be wearing when she makes her diving debut, the politician said that producers decided to rethink the outfits this year.

"We've been able to say what we would like to wear and then they go away and design it," she said.

"I wanted something that was lido themed. Expect to see something that someone might have worn at the lido in a heyday. It's not a modern design, so as a consequence is quite secure."

The MP, who will be donating her £10,000 fee for her appearance on the show to the run-down lido in her constituency, said: "In series one, there were quite a few bosoms and bottoms on show, because diving in a two-piece is not a good plan.

"So this year they've gone for stuff that is not going to disintegrate on impact."

The Royal Navy reservist admitted that she wore skimpy outfits in a previous job, when she worked as a magician's assistant while studying for her A-levels.

"I wish I was the same shape as I was when I was 18 but I'm not," she said. "I would need a shoehorn and some talcum powder to get into those outfits now."

The MP defended her decision to take part in the TV contest, which also features Boyzone singer Keith Duffy, model Danielle Lloyd and The Saturdays singer Una Foden, and insisted that she did not want to be famous.

"There have been suggestions that I shouldn't be appearing in a swimsuit. I don't know whether people had visions that I'd be jumping off the boards with strategically placed rosettes," she said.

"I'm not wearing things that are overly revealing... for training I'm wearing sporty gear and I'm wearing something majorly sturdy in the competition."

She added: "I'm dreading some of the footage which will spring up, with me with no make-up on and bruises. You look a mess. It's not glamorous.....It's not a beauty contest."



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