Hypnotic GIFS Of Things Being Made In Factories

Things in the modern world are made in pretty much only one way (unless you're a fan of Etsy) -- terrifyingly repetitive precision.

And now, thanks to the magic of the animated GIF, it's possible to get a sense of just how incredible, intricate and humiliatingly efficient that process really is.

HuffPost US has accumulated a huge collection of GIFs of things being made in factories. We recommend you head over there and see the whole selection.

But in case you just want the highlights, here are our favourites - they'll give you a great insight into the faceless, deathless industrial apocalypse of which you are now irrevocably a part.

A sample is tested to ensure they'll last long enough.


Before being kicked into each package, lubricant is applied to top and bottom.

A balloon-shaped mold is dipped in colored latex.

Later, a brush rolls up all the ends.