16/01/2014 07:11 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

WATCH! This Guy Asking Jennifer Lawrence To His Prom

American high schooler Nicholas Gray hates prom. So, just like any normal kid, he's hoping Hollywood superstar Jennifer Lawrence will help find a solution.

Yup, this dude is actually asking J-Law to be his date to the prom. While his plea was a little lacklustre for our liking AND Nick seems to be sporting a black eye (exactly what you look for in a potential date), we can't blame the lad for trying...

... After all she might just say yes. Back in 2007 Rihanna made a boy's dreams come true on the MTV reality series Once Upon A Prom.

RiRi turned up to escort a dateless teen named Richard to his Jefferson High School prom. So it's not totally unheard of.