Three Grim Facts About Hotel Rooms That May Make You Opt For A Caravan For Life

Darrin Klimek via Getty Images

In this scenario, if the pub is your hotel, then that bowl of peanuts is your room.

If you've ever wondered about the comforter on your bed (which doesn't get cleaned after each guest leaves) or what a death-trap the remote control really is, then new research is about the illuminate you.

Conducted by, the survey found that nearly 1 in 5 female guests fall ill after staying in a hotel. The company conducting the survey monitors room safety, so we'd hope they'd know what they were talking about.

Steve Tate, chairman of the company confirmed that the urban myth that the bathroom is the cleanest place to eat your room service isn't a myth.

"Nearly 80% of women prefer to eat food sitting on their bed," he says, "but this is actually one of the filthiest parts of a hotel room. Mattresses and duvets are rarely changed, meaning that a horrific number of guests before you have left potentially harmful bacteria behind. Always ask a member of staff how often bedding and mattresses are changed at the hotel to make sure you’re not at risk."

The other minefield is the remote. Over 90% of guests watch TV in their room, and Steve says: "Television remotes are never usually cleaned, leaving guests at a high risk of picking up germs."

Lastly, that cup of tea you'll be making yourself in the morning is best handled with gloves. "Be aware that surfaces including tea making facilities are usually left when cleaning. Guests are recommended to wash their hands immediately after touching these surfaces or to avoid them completely."

"It is important that guests realise how poor hygiene levels in a hotel can be," says Steve.

"People often associate illness and their stay with the hotel food, but our auditing finds that the room can also be a major cause. With a high turnover of hotel cleaning staff, maintaining high standards is difficult, with some of the most reputable hotels not living up to these standards.’

To keep guests safe, Steve Tate has put together a room risk review of hazards to look out for when booking your stay.