Jeremy Clarkson Forced To Apologise Over 'Gay C**t' Twitter Picture

Yes, taking pictures of your friends when are are asleep never fails to be funny, but there is something about this snap of Jeremy Clarkson that doesn't quite sit comfortably with us.

More specifically, the use of language his friend has chosen to write on a sign they put next to him.

Jeremy Clarkson posted this image on Twitter

The sign, which was held up next to the Top Gear host while he slept, carried the words "gay c**t".

His co-presenter James May can also be seen in the background with a grin on his face.

It turns out we weren't the only ones who were offended after Jeremy posted the picture on Twitter, as he was forced to apologise after upsetting his followers.

"I have deleted my last tweet and would like to apologise profusely to anyone who I upset while I was asleep," he wrote.

It isn't the first time Jeremy has been accused of being homophobic, as George Michael previously labelled the presenter a “pig-ugly homophobic tw*t”, after he made a comment about him live on air.

When will he learn?

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