This 1981 News Report About The Internet Is Adorable, But Totally Wrong

This 1981 News Report About The Internet Is Adorable (But Totally Wrong)

People in the past - how dumb are they, right guys? They know nothing. They don't know who won the FA Cup in 1994, who became President of the United States after Bill Clinton or even what the weather was like last Tuesday.

And now, in their latest baffling display of ignorance, this video clip of a 1981 news report is going around showing just how ignorant the people of the eighties were about the Internet.

As you might have guessed, they get virtually nothing right. Memes, cat videos, Miley Cyrus, even Facebook -- all are mysteries to the people of the past. Take a look and glory in your superiority. But beware - the world of 2034 is laughing at you behind your back.

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