Coronation Street's Hayley Cropper Dies - 10 Other Tear-Jerking Soap Deaths (VIDEO)

Hayley Cropper
Hayley Cropper

'Coronation Street' is set to air some of its most emotional scenes ever on Monday night, as cancer-stricken Hayley Cropper decides to end her life.

Viewers have been gripped by the tragic storyline - played beautifully by actors Julie Hesmondhalgh and David Nielson - which has seen soap's first transsexual character struck down with pancreatic cancer and battle with husband Roy about her right to die.

And as the story comes to a head, the nation will weep with the cafe owner as he discovers Hayley has secretly downed a lethal cocktail, leaving him to cope with the consequences of her final, agonising actions.

So to ready ourselves emotionally for tonight's heartbreak, we take a look at the most tear-jerking deaths in soap history.