21/01/2014 12:35 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

5ft 1in Mum Gives Birth To 15lb 2oz Baby


Vanessa Cervantez has big babies. Her son was born weighing 10lbs 10oz and her daughter was 9lbs 14oz. But the 28-year-old mother couldn't believe it when she gave birth to a record-breaking 15-pound 2 oz baby boy via Caesarean last week.

Cervantez, who is 5ft 1in, gave birth to her son Andrew on Thursday. He is thought to be the heaviest baby ever to be born in California.

"I couldn't even believe it," Cervantez told Victor Valley Daily Press. "They had to double check because I didn't believe them; I thought the machine was broken."

Originally, Cervantez went to the hospital for a routine test on Thursday when the medics noticed decreased fetal movement. They then performed an emergency Caesarean section and baby Andrew was born.

"None of the doctors have ever delivered or heard of a baby being born that big here," Cervantez said. "My sister's been doing research and she doesn't think a baby weighing 15 pounds has ever been born in California."

Currently, Andrew is at Loma Linda Children's Hospital where medics are keeping an eye on him. "He's having trouble breathing on his own," Cervantez says, "that's what they're monitoring him for right now."