Lindsay Lohan Moving To London? 5 Other Stars We Want To Live In The Capital

Lindsay Lohan reportedly wants to ditch the palm trees and sunshine of LA and move to go old Laaandan town, where she feels she can fly "under the radar".

We all know Lindsay likes a party, so if she wants to ditch her SUV we reckon Shoreditch is the perfect place for her to call home.

Presuming everyone in East London's nightlife hotspot is too cool to bat an eyelid over Linds rocking up in her Ray Bans at the local pop-up bar, we think she'll fit in nicely.

Really, we want Lindsay to get back to making fun films and if that means she needs some escapism in London, come on over.

Here are five other stars we want in our capital...

Ryan Gosling

Stars Who Should Live In London