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Holly Willoughby Pregnancy Latest: It's Lovely To Be Back!

Holly Willoughby, Phillip SchofieldPregnant Holly Willoughby was welcomed back to This Morning, after two day's sick leave with 'thumping headaches'.

Holly, who is seven months pregnant with her second child, was found to be anaemic after an emergency dash to the hospital over the weekend, and was ordered to rest up.

She missed Sunday's Dancing on Ice show, and Monday and Tuesday's This Morning. Unable to switch off entirely, she phoned the programme on Tuesday and spoke to co-presenter Phillip Schofield live on air, telling him and their viewers that she was feeling a bit better.

Holly said it was 'lovely to be back' as she opened yesterday's show, adding, 'It feels like I've been away forever.' Phillip told her: 'Welcome back. It's very, very lovely to have you beside me once more.'

Explaining her absence, Holly said: 'I just felt really unwell on Saturday so I went to the hospital to have some checks done and I'd managed to make myself quite anaemic I think... and I think the headaches were because of that. They gave me things to take which have eased the pain a bit but also made me quite sleepy, so it was just one of those things really and another thing that comes with being pregnant.'

Holly 'fessed up that she'd slept through most of Dancing on Ice on Sunday night, and didn't know who had been voted off: 'It was really weird waking up Monday morning going "I don't know who went out"... it was very odd.'

Holly is expecting her second child, a girl, in May. She and husband Dan Baldwin have a little boy, Harry, who is almost two.

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