22/01/2014 06:19 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Student With 'Appendicitis' Has Surprise Baby - In Hospital Loo!

Student Patricia Nowell with 'appendicitis' has surprise baby - in hospital loo!Caters

Student Patricia Nowell had the surprise of her life when she was rushed to hospital with suspected appendicitis - and came home with a baby son!

Patricia, 20, went to hospital with stomach cramps last October and had to catch 3lb 8oz Matthew when she went to the toilet while waiting to see a doctor.

Amazingly, she said: " I had no cravings, no bump, hadn't put weight on and it never crossed my mind I could be pregnant."

Surprise baby Matthew spent his first month at the University Hospital of North Staffordshire, as he was two months premature.

Now Patricia has organised a fun day to raise money for its baby unit as a thank you.

"I had no cravings or bump," said Patricia, a forensics science student at­ Staffordshire University, who has moved back from student accomodation to live with her parents.

"Matthew was tiny. He fitted between my elbow and wrist. It was a shock – but the best shock of my life. I love being a mother."

The hospital said: "Ms Nowell's kind donation will provide extra facilities for the babies and their families."

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