22/01/2014 06:50 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

VIDEO: Is The Duchess Of Cambridge Pregnant With A Second Royal Baby?

Kate Middleton pregnancy rumours

The Duchess of Cambridge is once again at the centre of a flurry of rumours about whether or not she is pregnant.

Less than six months have passed since her first child Prince George was born, yet already Kate Middleton's stomach is under scrutiny for signs of a second royal baby.

This attention isn't new for Kate, as her midriff has been treated as public property ever since she married Prince William in 2010.

Since then all it has taken is a self-conscious hand placed on the stomach, or a loose fitting dress, to set the rumour mill going.

Things reached a fever pitch in December 2012 when Kate and William announced they were expecting their first child. For the next seven months Kate's tummy was under even closer watch, with people trying to guess the due date based on her size, and admonishing her for appearing too thin.

When George was born last July, you might think Kate would finally be able to enjoy a well-deserved break from her job as royal baby-maker - but these days news gets old very fast and it seems even at his tender age Prince George is already last week's news, with the public hungry for baby number two.

So is Kate pregnant? Watch the video above to find out what has caused the rumours. We're not sure, but one things for certain - the palace will be keeping 'mum' on the subject for the time being.