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Woman Who Tried For A Baby For 17 Years Was A Mum For Just 32 Days

Woman who tried for a baby for 17 years was a mum for just 32 days when her longed-for baby son died in her armsWorldwide Features

This the heartbreaking picture of the woman who tried for a staggering 17 years to have a baby - and was a mum for just 32 days.

Tracie Wright, 41, and her husband Paul, 42, had never given up hope of having a baby, despite nearly two decades of trying desperately to be parents.

They had undergone two courses of fertility treatment to try and help them conceive, but the second course made Tracie so ill that she ended up in hospital.

When she finally fell pregnant with baby Joshua, the couple thought that their 17 year battle was finally over.

But tragically at just 32 days old, Joshua developed a rare condition of the bowel and died suddenly in his mother's arms.

"We had waited 17 years to have Joshua, and every moment we had was so precious with him," says Tracie, a nurse from Poole in Dorset.


He had been born early but he had been doing so well and we had expected to take him home with us. But we ended up bringing him home in a coffin. It was absolutely devastating.


The couple started trying for a baby soon after they met in the autumn of 1993. Tracie had been diagnosed with polycystic ovaries at the age of 15, and doctors had told her it would be almost impossible for her to have children:

"I was devastated, but I held on to a sliver of hope that one day I would be a mum. We knew there was a small chance I may fall pregnant naturally, but only a very tiny one."

Tracie and Paul Wright on their wedding dayWorldwide Features

By 2000, Tracie still hadn't fallen pregnant, so they decided to try IVF treatment to see if that would help. The course failed, but they decided to try another time to a bid to finally become parents.

But this time Tracie became so ill from hyperstimulation of the ovaries that she ended up in hospital.

"We decided that enough was enough and we weren't going to risk my life by trying any more fertility drugs," says Tracie.


We decided to keep hoping that I would fall pregnant naturally, but we tried to tell ourselves to start to face up to the fact that we would never be parents.


Then in 2006, Tracie was at work when she began to feel ill and tired. One of the doctors at work did some blood tests and they told her the most unbelievable news - she was pregnant.

"I did several tests just to make sure as I didn't believe it. I was actually pregnant after all these years of hoping, and Paul couldn't believe it either," says Tracie.

"I went for an early scan at eight weeks and saw the baby's heartbeat and we were just so excited. But when I was 11 weeks, I suffered a miscarriage.

"It was heartbreakingly, gut-wrenchingly awful. I thought that this was it. I was never going to have a baby. I thought it had been the one in a million chance for me to be a mum and I had lost it."

Amazingly, five years later, Tracie fell pregnant again in February last year. At her 20 week scan, doctors told her she was expecting a baby boy.

Then just four weeks later, Tracie was diagnosed with kidney failure and her son Joshua was born at just 27 weeks, weighing a tiny 2Ib.

Joshua Wright's grave after he died at just 32 days oldWorldwide Features

"I lay in intensive care afterwards and they brought me pictures of him. I was so proud. Doctors told us that he had such a good chance," says Tracie.

Joshua had to have an operation to close a valve in his heart at just a couple of days old, but after a few weeks the doctors told the couple that they would be able to take him home in a couple of months.

But then suddenly at 32 days old, Joshua fell ill and doctors diagnosed him with a rare condition that meant his bowel had died and it was quickly poisoning his body.

"It all happened so quickly. He fought so hard for six hours, but then I held him in my arms as he slipped away," says Tracie.


After 17 years of waiting for our son we had lost him after such a short time. But even though I was a mum for only 32 days, Joshua will never be forgotten and every moment with him was so precious.


The couple are now fundraising for Poole Hospital in Joshua's memory:

"The hospital was wonderful and now we want to help others in the future. And we are doing it in memory of Joshua. He brought us such joy - even though it was only for 32 days."

What a heartbreaking story.
We wish Tracie and Paul all the best.