Justin Bieber Appears In Court Following Arrest In Miami, Judge Grants Bail For $2,500

The pop star looked less cheerful than in his mugshot released earlier, as he faced Judge Joseph Farina in the courtroom.

Justin Bieber in court in Miami, where his charges were processed and his bail set

His bail was set at $2,500 in total - $1,000 for the charge of driving under the influence (DUI), $1,000 for the charge of resisting arrest without violence, and a further $500 for possessing an expired driving licence.

His lawyer bent over backwards to thank the presiding Judge for seeing and processing his client so quickly, as that means Bieber can now make his way home for the first time since he was pulled over by two police officers at 4am this morning.

Bieber looked jollier earlier on when his mugshot was first taken by Miami Beach Police

Bieber's friend, rapper Khalil, who was arrested alongside him, also appeared in court, with the same lawyer acting for him, pending an enquiry into any potential conflict of interest. His bail was posted at $1,000 for his DUI charge.

Bieber was arrested this morning, in his yellow Lambourghini on the way back from a nightclub in downtown Miami. Full details here, with pictures, video and even the arrest report, helpfully posted on Twitter by Miami Beach Police...

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