Man Addicted To Plastic Bags Has Chomped Over 60,000 - But Medical Tests Reveal He's Fit As A Fiddle

We don't know what's more miraculous - the fact that 23-year-old Robert from Tennessee has eaten over 60,000 plastic bags and is medically fine, or that he actually has a fiancee who still wants to marry him despite the fact that he refuses to sample wedding cakes. (Because he's full from eating plastic).

In an extraordinary episode of TLC's The Wrap, we follow Robert's journey as he reveals he "drives around the neighbourhood" looking for the thin bags that newspapers are delivered in on people's porches.

These, to Robert are plastic heaven, unlike the grocery bags which are "a bit rougher".

He's eaten over 60,000 bags to date, and in the program, he has medical tests to verify whether his stomach ache is something more serious, as eating plastic can lead to liver damage and intestinal blockages.