24/01/2014 10:14 GMT | Updated 24/01/2014 10:59 GMT

Mumsnet Users Talk Dirty (Again): Women Discuss Things That Smell Like Semen

Adam Gault via Getty Images

Mumsnet users are at it again, doing exactly what they do best and talking downright dirty.

This week's topic of conversation? Things that smell like semen. (Of course.)

It all started when one user, called Apocalypto, likened the smell of batter from Delia Smith's pancake recipe to semen.


And from there the thread descended into chaos.

As it turns out, and according to Mumsnet users, quite a lot of things smell like semen:




And of course, no Mumsnet thread would be complete without a penis beaker reference.

One user couldn't resist asking whether Apocalypto had been preparing Delia's recipe in their own beside beaker.


Wowzers ladies.

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