24/01/2014 12:15 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

The Saturdays' Una Foden: 'How I Lost My Post-Birth Jelly Belly'


The Saturdays singer Una Foden has revealed how she struggled to lose her post-pregnancy 'jelly belly' after she had her daughter, Aoife Belle.

But she also said that how she looked definitely wasn't a priority after becoming a mum. (We're guessing 'sleep' may have figured in her top five!)

Speaking to Women's Fitness magazine, Una – formerly Healy before she married rugby star Ben Foden – said: "I'm aware I'm getting a bit older and after having a baby I have to work harder.

"My abs were the hardest part to tone after pregnancy. My tummy felt like jelly for a while and it's much more difficult to tone than it used to be."

But she added: "How you look is the last thing on your mind when you have a baby."

Hmmm, well, despite not prioritising her looks, Una has certainly put in a lot of effort to get her figure back, as she reveals in an extensive range of diet and exercise tips in the magazine.

She said she believes people should not cut out any food groups and that they should keep a food diary as a way of tracking what they are actually eating.

She also recommends filling up on as much fruit and vegetables as possible.

She also explained that when she exercises she is careful to ensure she always warns up and cools down properly so as to avoid damaging her muscles.

She suggests that people wanting a flat stomach try a 20 minute interval session of cardio activity, combined with press-ups, squats and lunges.

Una credits her healthy diet and her sporty childhood for her trim figure.

She said: "I used to swim competitively as a kid. I spent most of my childhood in the water and I also took up athletics at school."

She told the magazine: "I start my day with a probiotic drink as it's fabulous for digestion. Then I'll have a banana if I'm on the go, followed by granola with yoghurt."

For lunch she says she has something light like a chicken and noodle soup with a bread roll.

As for dinner, she said: 'I try to have dinner by 6pm and it's usually something like roast chicken or baked salmon or cod with broccoli and potatoes. Broccoli is my favourite veg as it's high in iron."

And on Saturdays she has a massive four-cheese pizza with a chocolate cake and ice cream topping (we may have made that last bit up!)

Una is in the March issue of Women's Fitness, on sale 22 January 2014.