25/01/2014 05:12 GMT | Updated 25/01/2014 05:59 GMT

'Celebrity Big Brother': Linda Nolan Booed As She's Evicted, Slams Jim Davidson

Singer Linda Nolan has been evicted from 'Celebrity Big Brother', making her the fifth star to leave the show.

She was roundly booed by the crowd as she left the house after receiving the fewest public votes.

The 54-year-old later spoke about her feud with fellow contestant Jim Davidson.

Linda Nolan

During their rows on the Channel 5 show Davidson called her "an evil woman" while Nolan told him to "do me a favour and f*** off".

Nolan said: "I was true to myself. I was honest. I never pretended.

"Jim and I were both fine until Jim had a little drink one night and then he becomes what I've said he is."

She went on: "Jim is a game player. He says one thing to your face and then you hear that he's slagging you behind your back, which he did with all of us."

Nolan, who was voted out after being put up for eviction for the first time, was particularly annoyed when Davidson made reference to her late husband Brian Hudson.

She said: "Jim went to a really low place when we had our argument. He stepped over the mark.

"He brought my husband into an argument and my husband is dead."

She added: "He went below the belt and that's what the whole problem was."

But despite her problems with the comedian, Nolan said she would enter the competition again "in a heartbeat".

She said: "I've absolutely loved it, I really have. So yes, I'm a little bit gutted that I'm out, but that is what the show is all about."

The show's winner will be announced in the Celebrity Big Brother final on Wednesday night.


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