'The Jump' Review - Nicky Clarke First To Leave Davina McCall's Winter Olympics

So what did we learn from the first episode of 'The Jump'?

That the world will never run out of 'celebrities' willing to prostrate themselves for some cash, a sniff of the greasepaint and the roar of the 'crowd'.

That, with 'Celebrity Big Brother' currently proving just how far 'celebs' will go to show their proverbial (and literal) bellies for the sake of a good cause, i.e. ratings, every other reality show is going to look just a bit pedestrian.

That even such seasoned professionals as Sir Steve Redgrave and commentator Barry Davies who you would think know better, are running out of places to hide on primetime telly. When the reality TV bell rings, they come.

That Sir Steve's will to win remains undimmed - even with five Olympic gold gongs in the drawer, he's still prepared to do a thousand hip bends if it means beating Ritchie Neville on the slope.

That, if these non-sporty types make it down the slalom, or jump, or whatever, in one piece, it's actually quite boring. Because they're not really being like celebrities, then, are they? In the absence of Sinitta sporting one of her tasselled bikinis and a cowboy hat to get down the mountain, this lot just look like anyone else on the ski slopes at this time of year, which kind of defeats the object.