Busy Lawyer Creates The Prettiest Bento Lunchboxes That Put Our Tuna Sarnies To Shame

You may write these off as the beautiful lunchboxes of a food artist who has waaay too much time on her hands, but these gorgeous bento boxes were actually created by a busy lawyer who wanted to inject a bit of peace and creativity into her day.

Attorney Megan Noh, who published them under the name Gamene, has now left law to work at an auction house which involves a lot of travel, so sadly she doesn't make these anymore.

In an email to HuffPost UK Lifestyle, she writes: "I started doing bento, just as the bio on my website says, to ensure that at least 5 minutes of my day was spent in a relaxing, delicious and aesthetically pleasing fashion. It was also a creative outlet for me.

"Preparing and photographing an individual bento typically took me between 45 minutes and 2 hours. I'm not suggesting that that's a reasonable amount of time for most people to spend preparing lunch -- particularly busy moms preparing kids' lunches. However because I was, especially towards the end of my bento career, an extreme perfectionist, and because this was my art form, I spent a lot of time getting each shot just right."

Hat tip to for injecting our lunchtime with a bit of colour!

Pretty Bento Lunchboxes