28/01/2014 07:51 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

January Jones' Instagram Page Confirms She's The Best Mad Men Girl

January Jones is the ultimate Mad Men girl. Ok so Elisabeth Moss, Christina Hendricks and Jessica Pare are pretty fabulous too but there's just something about January that says fun-time-gal.

If you need a little convincing just check out her Instagram feed, because the 36-year-old actress is so much more than Betty Draper. She's got skills you've never laid eyes on and she's only been posting a week.

Here's a few photos of how she does down-time...

Yes, that would be January doing girls night style with her closest clique. Yes, that would be Diane Kruger putting up the bunny ears.

You knew she was a street artist, right? This photo caption reads: "Take that Banksy! #streetart #sidewalkchalk!" She acts, she models AND she draws.

And then there's the hair. No Mad Men girl does bouffant 'do like January does, and this is for a whole other gig. This is her getting all made up for a Vogue Italia shoot.

She's definitely one to keep Instagram tabs on, check out her style file in our gallery below too...