28/01/2014 14:18 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Julia Bradbury: 'I Didn't Think I Would Ever Be A Mum'

Julia Bradbury: I didn't think I would ever be a mumPA

New mum Julia Bradbury has spoken about her struggle to conceive her first baby.

Julia recently welcomed her son, Zephyr, but has told the Daily Mail how suffering from endometriosis (a condition where the womb lining grows outside the uterus) meant she thought she would never become a mum naturally.

'I have endometriosis. Because of this condition, I wasn't sure if I would ever realise my ambition to be a mum, so it all feels like a bit of a miracle,' admitted Julia.

'I never suffered too badly - just heavy periods. Some women are crippled with pain and mood swings. I had keyhole laser surgery five years ago, which removed what was there at the time, but you need multiple ops to keep it at bay. In fact, getting pregnant helps, because your periods stop.'

Motherhood sure seems to be suiting the Countryfile presenter. She was recently spotted looking glowing at a film premiere, showing off her post-baby curves.

Fellow BBC presenter, Kate Silverton has also been talking about her 'miracle' pregnancy, admitting she didn't think she would be a mum after four failed rounds of IVF.