Subwing Fin Lets You Waterski Underwater

This Fin Lets You Waterski - Underwater

A young Norwegian chap claims of have invented an entirely new form of water sport - a 'Subwing' that lets you 'fly' underwater.

Simon Sivertsen, 20, came up with the idea when exploring the crystal-clear waters of the Greek islands but missing the speed and thrill lacking from being underwater.

After a simple driftwood prototype and lots of testing in the icy-cold waters of Norway the Subwing was born.

The final design consists of two wings connected in a rotatable swivel. The user moves theses fins or pulls on o handgrip at the rear to control their movements.

As well as cruising along underwater, it's also possible to perform a repertoire of acrobatic moves.

But be careful not to go too fast - Sivertsen recommends a sedate 2-4 knots.

Want one? There's a couple of options - a carbon fibre model at £510 and a fibre glass version at £295.

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