Tube Ticket Barrier Sounds Like Blur's 'Song 2'

Tube Ticket Barrier Sounds Like Blur's 'Song 2'

A ticket barrier on the London Underground has been discovered which sounds exactly like the refrain from Blur's 'Song 2'.

The squeaky gate reliably squeaks a "Woo Hoo!" each time it is opened, just like Damon Albarn sings it in the rock classic.

The gate was spotted by Ritch Ames, who said that the "talented barrier" was located at the Canary Wharf station.

"It's the second barrier from the right as you enter Canary Wharf tube. Talented thing," he said.

"You may need to get extra staff on tonight. Sorry @jubileeline" he added later on Twitter.

The barrier has since become a hit on social media, with users claiming, at least, to be preparing to make a pilgrimage to the rock 'n' roll rotating doorway.

The video has now hit the magic YouTube number of "301+", ensuring it is set for viral fame.

It is not currently thought that the Tube barrier is deliberately aping the Blur hit, however, or even that it is sentient at all.

But we can only hope and will do our best to get an exclusive interview with YouTube's latest singing sensation, regardless of the many existential and practical issues that might stand in our way.

Check it out above.

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