Spectacular Viking 'Up Helly Aa' Fire Festival Sears Through Shetland Islands (PICTURES)

Spectacular Viking Fire Festival Pictures

If you've ever wanted to be a Viking for a day, take note because the Guizer Jarl, Ivor Cluness and his Jarl Squad might just be able to give some pointers.

The spectacular annual Viking event, 'Up Helly Aa' in Shetland Islands, Scotland, is Europe's largest festival of fire. Held on the last Tuesday of January to mark the Yule season, 'Vikings' wear full costume and haul a longboat through the village of Lerwick and throw flaming torches into the galley. Hours of dancing and music then follow.

Getty Photographer Jeff J Mitchell has captured the fiery festivities in all its splendor.

Viking Up Helly Aa Fire Festival

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