28/01/2014 11:44 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Watch! Kate Upton Does Her Super Bowl Dance At The Met Life Stadium For Vogue

Kate Upton has serious moves and we're not talking the "Cat Daddy" variety, the 21-year-old model busted out her Super Bowl dance at the Met Life Stadium yesterday. Touch down indeed.

The super-windy conditions did nothing to stop the blonde beauty going all out either, although there was a little handbag-throw-down action. Watch this video the Vogue magazine team posted on Instagram...

Working on a February 2014 photo shoot with the New York Giants and the New York Jets for the magazine, this was Kate taking sports-luxe on a whole new level. Powder blue dress and stilettos meets actual playing turf. Complete with two-step and shimmy.

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