'Map Of The Internet' Shows You Where You REALLY Live

Martin Vargic

Where do you live - England? Scotland?

Or Facebook?

These days we spend so much time on the internet, it's easy to imagine that we really do live there - spending long weeks on the Facebook and Google mainland, and weekend jaunts to the holiday isles of Pinterest and Netflix.

Attempts have been made before to try and 'map' this digital reality, but none have done so with quite the style and old-school craft as Deviant Artist Martin Vargic, from Slovakia.

Check out a condensed version of the map below. Click here to enlarge for a full-sized version.

Vargic told HuffPost US that he based his map on National Geographic artwork, and spent 10 hours a day on it for about three weeks. The result, according to Vargic, is still a work in progress.

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