#MonthOfKinship: Why February Isn't Just For Lovebirds

It seems perverse that after January - the month when the most number of break-ups and divorces take place - February follows with its glut of heart-shaped balloons and greeting cards (nice timing, St Valentine).

So here at HuffPost UK Lifestyle, we've decided to launch a campaign called the Month Of Kinship (#monthofkinship), celebrating all kinds of relationships - not just the romantic ones, from friendships to the ones you have with your siblings and parents.

After all, romance, while wonderful and fuzzy, isn't the sum total of the relationships you have in your life - there are so many other people in your life who keep you happy and sane.

To kick off the month, we'd like to know if you have someone in your life - whether a best mate, sister, brother, parent, other half - you'd like to shout out to. You don't have to give their name or send a picture if you don't want to, but we'd like to know - in a few sentences - what relationship you have with this person and why they are a big support in your life.

Email us at with the subject line "Month of Kinship" or tweet us @HuffPoLifestyle. Failing, you can always reach us on Facebook here or tell us in the comments below this article.