VIDEO: Surfing... While Nine Months Pregnant!

Surfing while nine months pregnant might not seem like every mum-to-be's dream, but avid surfer Kristina Olivares wasn't going to let her pregnancy stop her enjoying her passion for water sports. In this incredible video, Olivares records her surfing-while-pregnant adventures over nine months.

Although not without a few tumbles, Olivares managed to figure out how to stay upright on the board despite her changing body, surfing four times a week until the birth of her son, who's now five months old. In the video, she says she 'can't wait' to introduce him to the sea.

Olivares joins a host of other expectant mums who refused to let pregnancy interfere with their passions. Lea-Ann Ellison, for instance, was photographed weight lifting while eight and a half months pregnant. In an interview with Parentdish, she rejected accusations that she risked harming her baby, saying 'pregnancy is not an illness' and encouraging mums-to-be to keep active.

And ballerina Mary Helen Bowers, who made a splash with a stunning photograph of herself striking a pose in a leotard while 39 weeks pregnant, agreed. "I've avoided back pain and swelling by keeping my core strong and body moving. I feel terrific and plan to work and workout until the end," she told