03/02/2014 05:59 GMT | Updated 03/02/2014 10:59 GMT

Self-Powered Remote-Controlled Cockroaches Are An Actual Thing

As if cockroaches weren't gross and unsettling enough already some Japanese scientists have inexplicably created an army of self-powered cyborg versions.

Well, not quite. What they actually have created is a rather nifty fuel cell that uses a fluid called trehalose inside the cockroach's blood for energy.

The cell uses this to create glucose and creates enough power to fuel sensors on the back of the insect.


And what is the point of this? Well, scientists have already managed to turn cockroaches into remote-control drones and the adding of sensors allows for them to perform tasks such as looking for disaster victims.

The addition of this new fuel source expands the potential operational capacity considerably.

The technology was developed by scientists at the Osaka University and the Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology.