She's 79, He's 39: Six Stories Of People Who Found Love Over A (Very) Big Age Gap

She's 79, He's 39: New Show About (Massive) Age Gaps Proves Love Can Flourish Anywhere

From Channel 5, which brought us the unforgettable Guys And Dolls documentary, it is easy to take a cynical approach to the love stories told in the show Age Gap Love.

But for 79-year-old Edna, who met husband 39-year-old Simon nine years ago, both say it was love at first sight, when they bonded over a passion for organ music.

Edna and Simon

There are some hard-to-swallow facts - namely all of Edna's children are older than her husband and Simon says that when it comes to sex, "they are at it like rabbits."

The Daily Mail reported that they also had their first kiss (it was Simon's first ever kiss) at a secluded corner of an organ recital.

Also in the older lover stakes is 68-year-old Joan, whose husband of 50 years told her to get a toy boy and a boob job shortly before he passed away from cancer.

The pensioner then met 29-year-old Phil online - both of them like sunbeds and shopping.

"I get on with young people so I wanted a toy boy. I was going for someone who would make me laugh and not make me feel like I'm older. I went on Facebook and got 700 messages from guys but they weren't what I wanted."

Joan and Phil

Some relationships, however, are hard to watch without judgement.

William and Marilyn are now married, but when they first met, he was only 16 and she was 45. Friends and neighbours hurled a lot of abuse at her.

He said: "Quickly my friends all disappeared, they all turned their backs on me. It was like society rejected us. It was like we had a disease and people would catch it."

Marilyn added: "People used to shout at him "granny shagger" and make nasty comments to me saying it's dirty and wrong. A few times we've had to call the police. Once some men set upon him."

Lastly, there a more familiar set up in 58-year-old Gary who likes clubbing in Ibiza with wife Kate, who is half his age, and 76-year-old Pete, whose 39-year-old wife Nikki has become his carer after he had a heart attack.

Gary and Kate

She's 78, He's 39: Age Gap Love is on Channel 5 Tuesday 4 February at 9pm