04/02/2014 07:02 GMT | Updated 04/02/2014 07:59 GMT

WATCH: Here's How Joe McElderry Won 'The Jump' After Sir Steve Redgrave, Marcus Brigstoke Were Both injured

Finally, in the very last episode of Channel 4's 'The Jump', we had what we've been waiting for... a good, old-fashioned splat in the snow.

However, this being an actual sport, it did mean somebody actually hurt themselves, which was less fortunate, and a sign of the limitations of this fairly decent show.

It came courtesy of Marcus Brigstoke on the Ski Cross event, when his turn went woefully astray. Here he is:

That wipeout understandably forced Marcus's withdrawal from the competition, along with Sir Steve Redgrave, whose ribs from a previous fall were hurting him too much to continue on the Ski Cross.

In tones reminiscent of his Olympic travails, the five-times Gold medallist said afterwards, "I wanted to give it my all and unfortunately I gave it too much three days ago and that was it. It’s not the not winning, it’s the not completing it. I’m gutted.”

This meant the final two were Donal McIntyre and Joe McElderry, both finishing the Ski Cross, and competing for glory in the final jump.

Donal played safe and landed an impressive 13.5m jump at the middle height - K24 - but Joe went all out for glory, seizing his bottle and taking a chance on the 'Daddy Bear' jump - the almighty K40, with impressive results and a fitting end to the competition...

Joe said “I have had an absolute blast. We’ve had so much fun.” Not sure if Marcus Brigstoke would say the same.