04/02/2014 23:31 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Word Of The Week


Have you ever stopped for five minutes and just watched your children play? Sometimes there barely seems time in the day to go for a wee on your own, let alone entertain the children. And sometimes I think that is no bad thing. When left to their own devices, they often make up some fantastic games. Children really don't need you to play with them every second of the day - learning to use thier own imagination is a life skill. That's why this weeks word of the week is: Simple

Keep it simple. Don't feel you are failing if you haven't spent 3 hours a day building a tower over and over again, or teaching your child the alphabet. Obviously these things are important - but letting your children lead the way is just as crucial.

Here is a list of 10 simple pleasures that my children enjoy:

  1. Lying on the floor with their feet on a radiator. Seriously, my kids could do this for hours on end. They will lie there and read a book, chat to each other or just stare at the ceiling. I dont know why - but they love it.
  2. Sticking. Anything. Stickers, bits from catalogues, leaves, twigs, flowers. Give them a piece of paper and some glue and they will while away a happy hour.
  3. Pulling all the cushions off the sofa and piling them all on top of each other - then jumping off something and landing on them, until they all fall over. Repeat.
  4. Sitting in the window watching the cars go past on the road. Loads of scope here - they can count them, tally up the colours or try and guess where they are going. Heaps of fun - and can be educational too!
  5. Chasing leaves in the garden. If it is windy, Gemma and Jacob love to chase leaves around the garden. If they can catch any, refer to point 2, and let them stick them on some paper.
  6. Jumping in puddles. All kids love this, right? It's pretty fun for adults too - so next time it rains, all get your wellies on and go do some splashing.
  7. Having a bath. If it's been one of those days, and all else has failed, dunk the kids in a bath. It has magical properties - nearly always stops crying, whining and arguments. Throw in a few rubber ducks and pouring cups and let them go wild. Just be prepared to get wet!
  8. Making cakes. I have some really simple recipe ideas you could take a look at. They don't take long, but little ones love mixing, pouring and of course, eating them.
  9. Phoning someone. No idea why they like this so much, but the offer to phone Nanny or Auntie Nick can quite often stave off boredom.
  10. Looking at themselves in a mirror. I don't think grown ups realise just how much fun there is to be had with a mirror. You can make funny faces, you can do some crazy hairstyles, you can squish your nose down and see how funny it looks.....

What simple things do your children enjoy?

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