10 Amazing Quotes About Friendship (#MonthOfKinship)

10 Brilliant Quotes That Sum Up Friendship
Sasha Bell via Getty Images

Our friends are the ones who pick us up when we fall (usually because they've bought us 10 vodka shots beforehand), say the right thing to cheer us up and drop what they're doing to help us out.

Yet sometimes we tend to forget that once we shack up with a new girlfriend or boyfriend, get married or have babies.

But even though we'll never tell you this, when we're seated in some pokey restaurant surrounded by heart-shaped balloons or struggling with our disappointment over Valentine's Day's petrol station flowers, just know we'd rather be with you, squashed on a sofa, knocking back a drink.

So here's to you, dear friends - 10 quotes that celebrate just how awesome you are.

Brilliant Quotes About Friendship

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